Avoiding Scams

If you have been trying to find a legitimate way to make extra income online for any amount of time at all, you have probably ran into a myriad of sketchy offers.  You may have even fallen prey to some of these.  You know the type, they are the ones that play on your emotions and If you have been trying to find a legitimate way to make extra income online for any amount of time at all, you have probably ran into a dreams, the ones that know what you want and exploit the fact that you may not know exactly how to go about getting it.


They usually start out with a headline that reads: “Make $50,000 per Month with this one weird trick” or “Become a Millionaire in a few months without working”.  They are usually followed by a sales letter that goes on to tell you how they can show you some way to make money using their “secret” system that only they know about to make a ton of money in a short period of time with no work and very little action on your part. 


Sound familiar?  Look, you and I both know that it is possible to make money from home online and a lot of it, but we also know that it involves work and action on our part to make it happen and it most probably won’t happen in a very short time period.  In fact, there are lots of people that earn a full time living and more simply working at home online, but they put in the work and take action every day in order to do this.  It is my goal to show you how you can get started in a legitimate business and earn a full time living working at home online.

How to spot a scam

I have fallen prey to some of the many scams that are out there and if there is several things I have learned about how to avoid getting sucked into a situation that is going to do nothing but cost you a lot of money and end up not giving you a sustainable business with a long term future. 

There are a few questions that I usually ask myself when I am looking into a business/money making opportunity:

  1. How does the person selling the opportunity make their money?

This is an important question and it is sometimes hard to determine.In other words, do they make their money actually running the system that they are trying to sell you or do they make their money by selling you the system.The answer could be both, but if they only make their money by selling you the system, this is a big warning flag to me.This tells me that their system may be no good or won’t last in the long run.

  1. Do they promise large sums of money in a short period of time?

I am always wary of people telling me that I can make an enormous amount of money in a short period of time. There are ways to make a lot of money in a short period of time, but you almost always have to be established in a business or some other venture at the time to make that happen. The bottom line is that it takes time to get a business established and to start making money. It is much cheaper and probably doesn’t take nearly as long online as compared to a brick and mortar establishment, because of the almost unlimited marketplace that exists online.

  1. Are they telling me that I don’t have to do anything to make money?

      This is a huge warning flag!  It doesn’t make sense to believe that you could make money or establish a business without having to do anything or know anything, does it?  I mean, if that were true, everyone would be starting their own  business online and making millions every year.  Yes, you will have to take action to start a business online and make money, don’t believe the scam that you can click a mouse or buy some push button software that will make you millions.  The only people making money off those things are the people selling them to you.


Those are the three questions that I usually ask myself when I am examining a business opportunity or money making venture.  Now, don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t say all business opportunities or money making ventures are scams.  In fact, there are some very solid ones out there, but all of them take effort and action on your part to make them work.   And you won’t get rich overnight, but you can make a good living and even more.  Think about it, there are more than 2.8 Billion people online with thousands upon thousands coming online every day, so there are plenty of legitimate needs and wants out there to go around and an endless amount of opportunity for someone to  start a business to fill these needs and wants in the right way, so there is no reason to scam people.


Beware MLM scams                        

You may have got involved in or been associated with some of these.  Now, I am not saying that you can’t make money with MLM’s, but what I am saying is that sometimes it is very hard and costly.  Usually the people that make the most money is the ones that start the MLM or get in at the very beginning.  Typically, these companies have you start out by trying to recruit your friends and family into the “program” and usually there is some type of monthly product purchase commitment.  This is extremely undesirable to me because usually the monthly commitment is too expensive and the product is inferior.  Not to mention that they usually try to sell you some high priced “promotional materials” to help you promote their product. Another problem is that there is a very high quit rate associated with most MLM’s.  Check this out to find out why.


Data entry scams that empty your wallet


You may have gotten involved in this one or even heard about it.  There are some companies out there that will offer to hire you for online work such as data entry.  There are some legitimate jobs that you can work online and more and more of them are becoming available every day.  But, sometimes scammers will set up and elaborate scheme in which they will offer you a job for a very good rate of pay( like $35/hour good)  for simple data entry work.   They will interview you by chat or text and tell you that you did very well on your interview and inform you that you are hired and the inflated rate of pay.

Then they will inform you that you need to purchase some home office supplies, a special computer and some other things in order to perform your “Job”.  They will then Fedex you a check that you deposit in your bank so that you can pay for these supplies, once you get the check, you will be asked to wire them the money for the supplies.  Then they will disappear and you will not have any contact with them from this point.

You see, most banks will add the amount of this “check” to your account before the actual check goes through, sadly, this “Check” will bounce after you have wired the funds for the “supplies” and you will be left holding the bag.  This is an evil way to treat people, especially people that have dealt with them in good faith.  What’s even worse is that if you didn’t originally have enough money in your account to cover the cost of the wire transfer, the bank will come after you for the balance! Please save yourself the trouble and heartache and do not get involved with any of these.  If you want a legitimate way to make money working from home, check this out.

Look out for fake money transfer scams


This scam is well known as the Nigerian 419 scam.  Usually, the scammer will contact you via email, text or social media.  Scammer will tell you an elaborate story about how a large sum of money is “trapped” in their country due to some kind of government red tape or civil unrest.  Bottom line is that he needs your help to free up this money and will offer you a huge reward to help him.  They may ask for your bank account information so they can transfer the money to you and get it out of their country.  They may also ask you to pay some fees or taxes from your account.

If you give them this information, there will be more fees and charges as long as you are willing to pay.  They will also use your account information to steal money from you.  This can cause you to have to close your account in order to stop this.

Here are the Warning signs of this scam:

  • You receive a contact out of the blue asking you to 'help' someone from another country transfer money out of their country (e.g.  Nigeria, Sierra Leone or Iraq).
  • The request includes a long and often sad story about why the money cannot be transferred by the rightful owner
  • You are offered a financial reward for helping them access their 'trapped' funds. The amount of money to be transferred, and the payment that the scammer promises to you if you help, is usually very large.
  • The writing in the message is in very polite but broken English.
  • The scammer will often ask you to send money via a money transfer service.

Please do not fall for this; this can be financially disastrous for you and your family.  Never give account information, personal information or credit card details to someone you don’t know, trust and have never met.  Check this out for the top online scams of 2015.



There are many legitimate ways to earn a living online, but there are a lot of scammers out there also, you have to protect yourself and use your best judgement in determining the best path for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  Don’t let the scammers discourage you from reaching your dreams and goals of having a better life for you and your family.  If you want to have legitimate business and want to experience how to build a business online with all the help and support you need every step of the way, check this out.

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  1. Cassandra Williams


    This is some very useful information. People who are looking for a way to make money online need information like yours to help protect them from wasting precious time and money on worthless ventures. You are showing them where to find real value. It is true that scammers can spoiol it for some people and blind them to the truth that you can turn your passion into a lucrative business with the right tools, resources, community and team of experts behind you. To your continued success at helping others start out on the right path. 

    Have a wonderful evening…

    Productively and Effectively yours,

    Cassandra Williams aka Strategic San

    1. Allen Smith (Post author)

      Thank you Cassandra! Yea, scams are no good for anyone except for the scammers(only in the short term though) They give the online marketing community a bad name that isn’t at all deserved!

  2. Aeisha

    Hi Allen,

    I totally relate to you! People only become aware of all the info you've contained in your page after having become victims themselves. Getting the word out there will hopefully lower these scammers ability to con people. Kudos to you!



    1. Allen Smith (Post author)

      Thank you Aeisha, I am hoping to stop people from becoming victims up front before they lose money and motivation to chase their dreams. Losing motivation is the worst part in my opinion.


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